8 Non-alcoholic flavors. Experience outstanding growth and success. Delicious 9 irresistible flavors. Natural ingredients a World of Tropical Sensations! Taste that stands out.

Tempire Group

Tempire Group is a US company based in the state of Texas. We are a diversified and rapidly growing investment company that acquires businesses that show solid performance and huge growth potential in highly demanded consumer based sectors. Our objective is to increase shareholder value by efficiently deploying capital and management resources to grow our business, reduce operating costs and build sustainable competitive positions, or franchises, and to complete acquisitions that generate attractive cash returns. We believe we will accomplish this goal due to our leading market positions, extensive and broad contacts, and management expertise in acquiring, financing, integrating and efficiently operating consumer goods packaging businesses.

Our Vision

To have our superior beverages under every roof in the North American continent


Malt Drink, 0% Alcohol Originating from the German town of Liechtenstein, this brand of malt drinks that comes in 8 different flavors has captured strong market share and enjoys a loyal customer base in every market it exists in. The market share for this brand is continuously growing, especially in the flavors which remain unique to this brand such as the Pure Honey flavor, and the Ginger & Honey flavor.

Energy Drink

Boom Boom

This energy drink brand has been in the market for more than a decade and, during that time, has experienced outstanding growth and success. Today, the brand is a market leader for energy drinks in a number of International markets.

Tiger Pro

This is the energy drink brand targeting the younger market demand for an energy drink with a sweeter caramel flavor and a modern colorful appeal. This brand is growing in the local market and is one of the best tasting energy drinks in the market.


Derived from the Arabic word meaning (mood), Mazaj is a brand addressing the human need to relax and unwind to exotic flavors. These wonderful cocktail blends will deliver flavors that will send the taste buds to tropical and exotic destinations. Mazaj … a World of Tropical Sensations!


Dandanah Juices

Dandanah is an Arabic word meaning (musical hum). Its name was given to reflect the artistic inspiration behind every flavorful sip of this colorful range of Juice nectars and drinks. This brand is very strong in the local juice markets because of the excellent quality of its ingredients and the wide assortment of its flavors.

Large (355 ml)

Floats (250 ml)

Small (250 ml)

Dandanah Cocktail

This brand is a strong and established brand in its markets. It offers a specialty cocktail drink that is unique and very popular, satisfying the local market demand for a local non-alcoholic Champaign drink. Dandanah Saudi Cocktail has become a common name in celebrations and commemorative events.

Dandanah Hibiscus

Dandanah Hibiscus is a newly added drink made from the natural and original leaves of hibiscus. It is gaining a great ground in the market nowadays for all those health conscious consumers. Hibiscus helps in reducing high blood pressure and high cholesterol, digestion, immune system, and inflammatory problems.