Hi, we are FRUTENZA!

Our Products

We are working around the clock on the following fruit based categories:

Frutenza Malt (Fruit flavored Non-Alcoholic Malt)
Frutenza Juice (Fruits Juices and Drinks)
Frutenza Cocktails (Fruits Non Alcoholic Cocktails & Exotic Drinks)
Frutenza Tea (Fruits flavored Tea Drinks)
Frutenza Candy (Candies made from Real Natural Fruits)
Frutenza Chocolate (Premium Chocolate with Fruits pulp filling)


Natural Flavers

FRUTENZA is a love story with FRUITS, Nature’s treasures. We are dedicated to promoting the consumption of fruits for the delicious benefits they provide.


Our Flavers

Pina Colada

We are continuously developing products that cater to different ages, cultures, and preferences. And our journey continues with you.


Every day at FRUTENZA, we strive to transform our passion into beautiful fruit-based products. 


It is the source that brings life to the fruits and flavors cherished by people of all ages. And so, our story is rooted in our love for Fruits. 

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